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Alignment Introduction
Introduction to this video project, outlines goals and objectives.

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Alignment Measurements Have Never Been Easier, Faster or Less Expensive
Protrak Heavy Duty Laser Wheel Alignment system for trucks and trailers. Check the alignment on any truck or trailer in less than 10 minutes with this completely portable alignment system that can be used almost anywhere. Weighing only 34 pounds this system does not require a bay or pit, it's low cost, durability and flexibility make it the obvious alignment choice for large or small fleets and shops.

Laser FAST Measurements... With or Without the Use of a Computer
10 minutes is all it takes to set up and measure a typical 3-axle truck or tandem trailer, making it faster and easier than ever to discover the source of drive complaints and tire wear problems! Now available for your alignments - the Protrak Alignment TrackerTM software.

Complete Quality Alignment... With or Without a Dedicated Bay!
Three axle alignment can be accomplished on almost any shop surface...even parking lots! The QCT's low cost, durability and flexibility in shop environments makes it the obvious alignment equipment choice for large and small operations.